Jenie Fligg RMT & Keri Mitchell RMT

Clinic Protocols

Yes We’re Open!

Wondering what your treatment will look like? How to proceed as we enter this new Era of change around the world? When you book with us, be assured you are in good hands. We will be following the strict guidelines set out for RMT’s by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and Ministry Of Health, to provide you with the safest treatment environment we can offer. Due to the nature of treatment, social distancing is not an option, and though PPE requirements will be met there is always a chance of contacting COVID-19 through treatment despite our best efforts. Clients who are not well are asked to stay home, or seek medical attention through your local physician or Telehealth Ontario hotline 1-866-797-0000.

Upon booking you will be sent an email including a link request at the asking you to fill out your intake forms. (An online health history, Mandatory COVID screening and consents). It is important these are filled out prior to your visit. We need this information to be able to treat you safe and effectively. If you are unable to access this link, please contact your therapist.

We ask that you show up for your treatment on time, and alone if possible. You will be asked to remain in your car. Call or text your therapist upon arrival and She will come outside to get you once everything has been cleaned and is safe for you to enter. At the door, you will be screened by your therapist and your temperature will be taken with an infrared thermometer. You will then be permitted to enter the club once you put on a mask and sanitize your hands. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you by your therapist. Neck scarves limit our ability to treat the neck and shoulder area, a mask is preferred for treatment.

You will be taken directly to the treatment room. All conversations, assessments, treatments, home-care assignments, payments and rescheduling will take place in the treatment room. During your treatment you will be required to wear a mask any time you are not face down in the face cradle.

Every treatment starts with an assessment, to ensure we are working on a problem within our scope of practice. You will always be asked for consent prior to the treatment. Once treatment has commenced you will always have the right to modify the treatment or stop it at any time. During treatment, you will be asked for open communication with regards to pressure and comfort. If you do not communicate when the pressure is insufficient or excessive your treatment will be ineffective or painful; possibly harmful. The point of the treatment is to improve your range of motion, decrease your pain, promote healthy tissue and decrease tension and stress. Communication is the key to you getting your optimal results. If your condition is out of our scope of practice, you will be informed and referred to alternate care.

At the end of treatment, you will be asked to carefully get off the table and get dressed while the therapist leaves the room and washes her hands. Once dressed the therapist will return to tell you what she found, how she feel the treatment went, and if she feels more treatments will be beneficial to you. At this time the therapist will give you home care consisting of hydrotherapy or remedial exercise that will help your condition. These activities are usually simple to implement throughout your day. By completing your home care regularly, you will lengthen the time between treatments and prolong the effects of the massage. After your treatment you will be escorted out of the building and asked to return the cloth mask if you borrowed one.

The whole treatment area will be cleaned then sanitized before the next client will be asked to enter.

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